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Meet the Characters


Likes: Bones, hangin' out with Teddy, and video games.
Dislikes: Being treated differently than others and loud startling noises (they make him nervous).


Likes: Anything regarding Sarah. It’s her universe and you should know it!
Dislikes: Anyone who doesn’t understand it’s Sarah’s Universe.


Likes: Action Hero Crime Fighters (of course). Oh, and challenges; challenges are FUN!
Dislikes: Being thought of as small and Sarah calling him an "Oversized Toddler"; he's older.


Likes: Sneaking up and stealing Blart's bones and squirrels (all dogs like squirrels!)
Dislikes: Being excluded because he's a dog; especially from BBQ Cookouts.

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Series Synopsis

The What Kinda Name is Blart series is a middle-grade chapter book (ages 7-12), about a 9 year-old boy named Blart, who suffers with an incurable medical condition, Zombifinitis. This rare condition causes him to be obviously different than other kids his age. Blart has suffered adversity most of his life because of misconceptions about his medical condition. Over the years he has developed a very inconvenient nervous habit that tends to be problematic. When Blart moves to a new town, he meets Teddy, his new neighbor. Teddy is a very creative, tenderhearted, boy who makes it his mission to help Blart to fit in. Through many kind and genuinely funny experiences, the two find that Blart has a knack for getting attention and Teddy has a mind for devising creative solutions for Blart's "issues". The series sends a message of acceptance, love, and compassion to kids far and wide.

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Written by
Dominic Cosme

Illustrations by
Stephanie Will